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Grooming Your Small Animal: Small Pet Care | Forti-Diet

Pet Rabbit Grooming

Although they're small in size, small animals still need to be groomed from their nails to their feet to their tails!

Hamsters and Gerbils

teeth are generally self-maintained with their regular chewing habits so it's important to provide a variety of chew toys and treats! Their nails often stay trimmed with their daily activities but they sometimes may require occasional trimming to support mobility.

Mice and Rats

can also maintain their own nails unless you begin to notice problems such as decrease mobility or inflammation around the pads of their feet! Both do not require any coat care but rats love to swim so feel free to provide the occasional bath in a pool of water.


insist on grooming themselves, much like cats! To ensure they do not get hairballs and ingest too much hair, try to brush them at least once a week. Rabbits' teeth grow continuously, so provide a variety of chewing and gnawing toys and treats so they naturally wear down. You must help your rabbit trim their nails, but make sure to watch out for the quick and only clip the light colored nail.


are fairly low-maintenance but still require regular care. Because their fur is so dense, offer them a weekly (or more) dust bath! Make sure to change the dust once a week and check and sift out droppings after each use. Chinchilla's teeth continuously grow so it is important to always provide them with some chew toys and treats to gnaw down their teeth.

Guinea Pigs

should not be bathed too often to avoid the drying out of their skin. Longhaired guinea pigs often require haircuts in the warmer months, and brushing to prevent tangles and matted hair. About every four (4) weeks, their nails should be trimmed to ensure it is not harming the foot in any way. As with other small animals, their teeth naturally file if provided enough chew toys and treats.


are naturally smelly because of their scent gland so do not think they require constant grooming. Instead, less is actually more! It is recommended to clip their front nails about every week while their back nails only every two weeks. Their teeth also should be brushed regularly!

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