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Basic Care for Your Pet Bird: How to Care for your Pet Bird | Forti-Diet

Yellow Cockatiel

Pet Birds are simple: they just need the right diet, a clean and comfortable habitat, fresh food and water, toys and daily attention to make sure they are happy!

Food & Treats

Birds eat a variety of food items in the wild, foraging to meet and satisfy their needs. As members of the family, pet birds have the same needs which can be met from all Forti-Diet® fortified foods of extruded pellets, seeds and grains. Occasionally, fresh fruits and vegetables make great treats and add excitement to their routine feedings! Try giving your bird a Forti-Diet® treat stick to reward good behavior and form a bond.

Interaction & Socialization

Researching and understanding bird behavior in the wild is very important to understanding their behavior as your companion. For example, parrots are social animals in the wild who roost, fly and forage in large flocks. Your family is the new "flock" for a pet bird, so he innately wants to join in on your family activities. If your family is together in one room, your pet bird may scream from its enclosure to get your attention. Similarly, many species mate for life so when a parrot bonds with one person and is aggressive towards others, he is simply protecting his lifelong "mate."

Habitats and Housing

A general rule of thumb for habitats is the bigger the better! Pet birds require room to exercise their wings and explore around. A variety of toys will provide enrichment and excitement while giving these intelligent animals something to do! Small species, such as Finches and Canaries, enjoy flying throughout a cage, so a flight cage is always preferred especially with multiple birds. A large bird, like a Parrot, requires toys for chewing.

Inquisitive Intelligence

Some large pet birds (Macaws, African Greys, Amazons and Others) can imitate speech patterns, words and sounds they hear. However, note that some species are better at mimicking than others but each individual bird is just that: individual and different!

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Pet Bird Care: Companion Bird Health | Forti-Diet