Yellow and Gray Cockatiel

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Small Animal and Pet Bird Food, Treats, and More!

The commitment from the people that bring you Kaytee Forti-Diet products for small animal pets and pet birds inspires nutritional innovations to ensure your pet receives the best quality products possible! Offering a variety of products – ranging from food to treats to bedding and accessories – Kaytee Forti-Diet provides nutrition you can depend on and enrichment to keep your small animal and pet bird happy and healthy! Our industry expertise and innovative manufacturing means quality is built into all our products to ensure health, safety and comfort for your pet.

Forti-Diet Rabbit Food

Small Animal

Kaytee Forti-Diet knows what your small animal wants and desires. Our premium foods and great tasting treats are scientifically formulated with wholesome ingredients by our small animal nutritionist for your pet's daily diet.

Forti-Diet Cockatiel Food

Pet Bird

Our avian nutritionist formulated our foods with vital nutrients to ensure proper growth and appearance of your pet bird. Each bird species is unique, and we made sure our food was too!

Forti-Diet Timothy Hay


Alfalfa and Timothy Hay options are ideal fiber sources to support the digestive health of your small pet. Hay should be fed as a complement to any Kaytee Forti-Diet food!

Forti-Diet Clean Comfort White Bedding


Clean Comfort paper bedding is super soft, absorbent and 99.9% dust free. Our bedding is perfect for nesting, burrowing and making your pet feel clean and safe! Kaytee Forti-Diet also offers wood bedding varieties.